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Derma Angel Acne Patch (Day)

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The patch conceals the acne, as the ultra-thin edges (0.01cm) along with its make-up friendly factor ensures it is undetectable on the skin. Based on moist-wound healing principle, the patch provides optimum environment to the wound for accelerated healing. The inner controlled and calculated hydrocolloid material effectively absorbs the exudate. The outer PU film is breathable and waterproof to isolate the wound against bacteria, pollution and external contamination of the outside world ensuring effective and fast healing of the acne. You can wear the Day patch for 12 hours or until it turns white.

More Information
Brand Kpshira
Directions For Use Wash face and allow to dry. Remove patch by tearing along serrated edge. Apply patch to affected area and remove peel. Press and hold for 3 - 5 secs until perfectly adhered
Product Highlights Helps to improve active acne overnight
Key Ingredients Methylcellulose, Glyceryl Rosinate, Hydrogenated Styrene/​Isoprene Copolymer, Paraffinum Liquidum, Polyurethane-1
Warning & Precautions Should not be applied during pregnancy or breast feeding. You experience an allergic reaction after using Deriva Bpo Gel. You are also applying other topical medicines (cream, ointment, lotion, etc). You are suffering from any other skin infections or con
Safety Information Once patch has become milky colour ( which means it has become saturated) or has been in place for over 12 hours please replace it. Please do not apply to wounds or infected areas. if swelling irritation or pain occurs please stop using and see a doctor.
Pack Size 6PCS
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