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Fluence Hair Fact (Pro Immune 1) 1 Box

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Nutritional supplements are required for healthy living as food alone cannot meet all the requirements. One single nutrient cannot function effectively. A balance of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals is required for optimum function, without an excess of any single nutrient. We should not encourage multivitamin, multi mineral supplements as these would compete for uptake, exceed the metabolic capability for activation, reduce the absorption of nutrients, limit the bioavailability, efficiency and utilization of each other, resulting in compromised outcome, reversal of benefits, no benefits or harmful conversion of behavior to pro oxidation. In order to reduce the dosage, improve the efficiency, have broad spectrum coverage to include required vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, coenzymes and supportive nutrients, cyclical nutrition has been created with a comprehensive approach of using different nutrient combinations on different days of the week

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Brand Fluence
Directions For Use As indicated in the package.
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Pack Size 1 BOX
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