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Fluence Pro Fact (Stress Bust 1) 1 Box

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Stress is sowing seeds for early onset of diabetes, blood pressure, Thyroid, PCOD, heart disease, poor immunity, auto-immune disorders, hair loss and skin aging. The stress response increased wear and tear in the cells that needs to be corrected, and restored for maintaining cellular function. Studies show that effect of stress can be successfully countered with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids & nutrients which restore cellular function.

Stress Bust 1 Profact Kit improves intracellular environment supporting repair and growth of all body functions. It is with added advantage of Omega 3 which acts as an anti-Inflammatory as it is precursor of prostaglandins which controls androgens and Coenzyme-Q which also acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves gentic expression.

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Brand Fluence
Directions For Use As indicated in the package.
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Pack Size 1 BOX
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