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Fluence Skin Fact-Atopic Dermatitis 1 Box

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Skin fact atopic dermatitis

1. Consumption of anti-inflammatory food like Broccoli, avocados, mushrooms, berries, melons, dates, tomatoes.
2. Food with omega-3 fatty acids like, flax seeds, chia seeds, fish (salmon) etc.
3. Protein rich diet - Dairy, meat & plants, food choices according to allergies.
4. Less consumption of processed foods, foods high in sugar and high sodium.
5. Avoid prawns, crabs, shellfish, peanuts, dark chocolates, brinjal.

Essential to maintain Natural sleep cycle, for body's self repair.
Exercise at least 3 times a week. Can be mild or intense, Planned meal time schedule, untimely late food-linge is an unnecessary load.
Avoid sun exposure between 12 noon and 4 pm.
Moisturise your skin frequently irrespective of the season.
Following clean practice in personal hygiene is important for skin.

MINIMUM TOUCH PROTOCOL (MTP) (Only a single contact point between manufacturing and end user)

Human body has trillions of cells that perform intricate
functions to maintain overall integrity and health.
Skin Fact nourishes your cells, provides energy for optimal
cellular function & prevents oxidative damage.

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Brand Fluence
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Pack Size 1 BOX
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