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Nutrova Pea Protein 300 GM

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84% of Indian vegetarian diets lack adequate protein - finding ways to significantly increase our intake of pure protein can be hard in a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Plant-based protein sources also contain a high number of ‘antinutrients’. These are compounds that block the absorption of nutrients.

Nutrova Pea Protein contains highly purified protein from peas, with all the antinutrients filtered out for better absorption.

With no additives, flavours or sweeteners, it can be added to a variety of juices, smoothies and everyday foods.

More Information
Brand Nutrova
Directions For Use Mix 1-2 servings in juices, smoothies, daals and rotis.
Product Highlights 80% protein content, with 8 grams of protein in every 10-gram scoop Excellent PDCAA score of 0.93 out of 1 No added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavours or additives Third-party tested to confirm its purity and 'gluten-free' claim
Key Ingredients Pea protein isolate.
Pack Size 300 GM
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